I Prophecy: The Future Revealed - Nostradamus
Monday, Nov. 26, 2012

Watch I Prophecy: The Future Revealed - Nostradamus

Could the history of world events be hidden within the cryptic, poetic writings of Nostradamus, the infamous 16th century French prophet?  From the death of Henry II to the Great Fire of London in 1666 to the rise of Hitler, many believe that Nostradamus foretold major moments in history.  Could a catastrophic earthquake on the west coast of North America in the coming years be his next prophecy to be fulfilled?  Astrological clues within Nostradamus’ writings seem to suggest that an earthquake is imminent.  Using these clues, along with the idea that earthquakes are more prevalent after lunar eclipses, a Nostradamus scholar finds that a major earthquake could strike very soon.  A geologist who has successfully predicted earthquakes based on lunar activity, and a neuroscientist who suggests that planetary influence on the earth’s geomagnetic field affects both seismic activity and human behaviour, bring their scientific expertise to the discussion.  What develops is not only a fascinating examination of Nostradamus’ earthquake prediction, but a reflection on prophets and prophecy in general.   

I Prophecy: The Future Revealed - Nostradamus

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