The Gangster Next Door
March 24th 2011


The Gangster Next Door is the harrowing story behind the headlines of the country’s bloodiest gang war - shockingly led by young men raised in the most middle-class of families. And yet they’ve stooped to new lows to win increasingly brazen gang battles, targeting previously off-limits gangster girlfriends and wives and shattering the lives of true innocents, like the four-year-old left alive in the backseat of a Cadillac, his mother shot dead at the wheel. At stake: billions in illicit drug money.

James Coulter, founding member UN Gang








Part police action film, part in-depth analysis, all deeply-human storytelling, The Gangster Next Door introduces characters rarely willing to step out of the shadows – a founding member of a notorious and violent gang, the mother of a gangster girl-friend, and the shattered mother of an innocent victim, a woman whose all-consuming grief fuels an anti-gang crusade.

The Gangster Next Door is a must-watch documentary for anyone who wonders how Lotus Land became Gang-couver – and if it can happen in your community.

Eileen Mohan still lives across the hall from where her son was murdered







The world awoke to Vancouver's gang problem in the winter of 2008-09 during a period of time on the streets of the lower mainland when there was a targeted hit every six days. The gunfights became increasingly audacious and public – robbing the community of its sense of safety. The collateral damage from the gang problem spreads out in waves out from every horrific incident –staining the lives of parents and grandparents, children and old friends, bystanders and the community itself. Nobody’s immune.

Vancouver Sun reporter and gang expert, Kim Bolan






Perhaps most disturbing - the baffling new profile of these greedy young gangsters who are willing to kill over drug profits:  among recent gang murders or arrest warrants are the sons of a teacher, a banker, a therapist, even a policeman. The new breed of gangster is quite likely middle-class – a young man with a world of options open to him who is still somehow drawn to the dark side.   

The Gangster Next Door explores this emerging social phenomenon – the deadliest gangster could be anybody's next door neighbour.

The Gangster Next Door

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