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Aging With Dignity Living with Grace, 8 Steps To Help You Overcome Adversity, Find Peace Of Mind & Prosperity In The Second Half Of LIfe

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In the late spring of 2013, I was at one of the lowest points of my adult life. It appeared the first week of July that I would lose everything I’d worked so hard to build up the previous thirty years – a career as a successful award winning writer, producer and director on over 130 episodes of prime time drama, comedy, documentaries and 4 feature films.

I’ve faced some incredibly difficult situations before, but in those cases I’d always been the one responsible for the trouble I was in.  This time I wasn’t. 

A young man who was suffering from severe mental illness had viciously assaulted me.  I’d been asked by his mother to speak to him with the hope that I might help him with an alcohol or drug problem.  Unfortunately for her and me – it appears she underestimated the extent and gravity of his mental illness.  As a result I’ve been diagnosed with a severe brain injury by a number of doctors.

I’m grateful to say that as a result of meeting a wonderful physician, Dr John Thornton in Toronto, who works with people who’ve suffered brain injuries, as well as utilizing the Eight Steps of Master Mind Principles created by the late Jack Boland (a Unity Minister), I’ve been able to pull out of this horrific experience and find real meaning and purpose in my life. I can say unequivocally that I am really happy today and believe from the bottom of my heart I will be able to solve both the emotional and financial issues that have arisen from this unfortunate situation.

As a result of this experience I got to thinking,  “how many other people, especially those who are either middle aged, or those of us who are ‘Baby Boomers’, get blindsided by some event that they didn’t see coming?”

I want to emphasize that this is not a religious solution per se, but rather spiritual in nature. It’s whatever you conceive to be the ‘Divine Mind’ or God, as you understand God to be.  I am not trying to convince or convert anyone to any specific theology.

As I looked around I realized that there are very few guides or how-to manuals on how to handle these major life altering transitions, from either a busy active career or professional life to “how we cope with events like an unexpected illness or life changing injury, the loss of a partner, the end of a marriage, or our own eventual death.” 

What about the supposed “golden years”? There is absolutely no instruction booklet on how to handle the inevitable crises that are certain to arise over time.  I know our banks, financial institutions and insurance companies like to talk to us about our finances, but what about family relations, business relations and life long friendship that goes south on us.

Most importantly, I would like to examine how we could live our lives such that we can find a way to cope, stay happy, be productive and create some purpose in life – especially if we encounter some unexpected difficulties or challenges.



Transforming Childhood Trauma, 8 Steps to Reclaim Your Life

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Canadian Filmmaker  and University Lecturer Details Rocky Road to Success in New Book, “Transforming Childhood Trauma, 8 Steps to Reclaim Your Life!”

Award-winning film and television producer David Brady’s work is best known in Canada, but no stranger to U.S. and European audiences. But his road to success was filled with heartache, substance abuse and massive debt. He revisits his past to exorcise those demons in his new, inspirational autobiography, “Get Me to the Temple of Serenity...And Step on It!”

Brady bares his soul to recall a less-than-ideal childhood and how it has continued to haunt him. But he never lost his humor, and he uses it to explain how he overcame adversity to become who he is today.

Brady’s projects have won numerous awards including 7 Genie Awards (Canadian Academy Awards) and two Golden Globe nominations including Best Foreign Film and Best Actor for “The Grey Fox,” presented by Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope Studios and released through United Artists Classics. His production, “Yonge Street, Toronto Rock & Roll Stories” won a Gemini Award and he produced the highest rated “Doc Zone” for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 2013/14. In addition to these, he has produced over 130 primetime comedies, dramas, and documentaries, including “The Pagan Christ” and “The Gangster Next Door,” which both aired in the United States.

He holds an MFA from York University in Toronto and was an undergraduate and graduate student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Colombia. Brady also taught film production and screen writing at York University and Ryerson University, where he was the recipient of the CESAR teaching award.

He was also on the Faculty at Capilano University in North Vancouver BC teaching Introductory Screenwriting.  

“Transforming Childhood Trauma, 8 Steps to Reclaim Your Life!” is available in softcover and ebook ) from Amazon.com, Kindle.  More information can be found at the author’s website, www.davidbradybooks.com.